Pauline Stephens Tice

Honored by:Patricia K. Tice
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Pauline Stephens Tice:

Grandma, you were and are my best friend. You understood when no one else did. You understood that being female and single was not an easy road in this world. Sitting at the breakfast table, we could discuss anything from family problems to international defense issues as we sipped tea.

I know that it was not easy for you, raising seven kids. You fed the cattle, painted dences, and tended the farm side by side with Grandpa, day in and day out. Yet when he died without a will, you were left with nothing. The legal system treated you as a non person. My stomach turns even as I think of it today. Luckily, and gratefully, your two youngest children and I learned the meaning of respect and love. They turned everything over to you, as it needed to be. Thank you, Janet and Dave.

You were gentle and quiet, a pillar of strength! I am so grateful that we were able to watch the Berlin Wall come down together. Afterwards, we celebrated in a way that spells out small town Iowa: we dropve to the Tastee-Freez for ice cream in our pajamas!

Here is your moment, Grandma Pauline. Thank you for teaching me about grace. You will always be my heroine. I miss you.

With Love,
Dr. Patricia K. Tice