Pearl Hogrefe

Honored by:Bion & Marcia Pierson and the English Department
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Honored by Bion & Marcia Pierson

Teacher and Mentor: Pearl Hogrefe was a professor of English at Iowa State for many years. She was one of two women professors I had as a student at Iowa State. Taking a seminar from Dr. Hogrefe in Elizabethan poetry opened my ears to the beauty of the language of the period. She expected us to be well-prepared and we didn't want to disappoint her. She also had a wry sense of humor that bubbled up from her very center. She embodied my ideal of a true scholar--combining research, writing and teaching. Every year she spent several months pursuing research at the Folger Shakespeare Library which then became the basis for several books about the Elizabethan period. In her classes, she incorporated her research and insights and passed a love of learning to us.

She was a wonderful role model for me, and as I thought about graduate school she was also a helpful mentor and friend.


Honored by the English Department

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Pearl Hogrefe
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