Phyllis J. Brackelsberg

Honored by:Paul O. Brackelsberg
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Phyllis Brackelsberg is being recognized among women important to the history of Iowa State University (ISU) by her married children and husband because her earlier roles of wife and mother have grown to include many years of signal service to the teaching and advising missions of the University. She has taught and advised hundreds of students in the Textiles and Clothing (T&C) Department in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences. She gives daily to students and colleagues who seek her guidance, whether it be of an academic or personal need.

Professor Brackelsberg has received several major ISU awards: ISU Outstanding Teacher 1980; Outstanding Advisor from the College of Family and Consumer Sciences (CFCS) 1983 and 1994; Faculty Citation from the Alumni Foundation 1985; and she was awarded a 5-week faculty internship at theTextiles and Clothing Technology Center Raleigh NC in 1990. She was instrumental in ISU's receiving the Outstanding Institutional Advising Program Award from the National Academic Advising Association in 1984. Following is a quote from her nomination for the most recent advising award:

"Phyllis Brackelsberg has been selected by CFCS undergraduate students as the 1994 outstanding advisor. In our college we have a policy that one may receive the Outstanding Advisor Award only once in 10 years. After having received the award in 1983, this was the first year that Phyllis could again qualify for the award. And what an honor to again be selected the first year she qualified."

Her students, colleagues, friends, and especially her family, continue to add accolades of praise. Students say the following in regard to her advising:

"She knows the T&C department like the back of her hand. She knows when classes are held, if you will have conflicting times, what classes are enjoyable, etc. She is just a great advisor. She'll even calm your nerves when you need it. She seems to be genuinely interested in me as a person. She is very helpful and I also feel that she respects me as well. My advisor knows all the requirements and all the basic rules. She is so great. She is nice and extremely helpful. She is an excellent professor and advisor and I know of many students who speak highly of her. I cannot begin to write all the wonderful things she has done for me. I have never met any professor or advisor at Iowa State that is more caring, helpful, organized, knowledgeable. She is always there for me, always listening and cares about me. I honestly don't know what I would have done without her help. She deserves recognition for all she does for her students. I will really miss her. She really adds to my memories here at Iowa State."

Students in her classes also shower accolades upon Professor Brackelsberg:

"I enjoyed the class very much and learned more than I thought I would. Mrs. Brackelsberg is a very patient, understanding, and knowledgeable instructor. Thank you for being patient and for working with me. You are a great instructor and I look forward to having you again. This is a great course. This is a great course for beginning T&C students. The teacher is always prepared and knowledgeable. You're very fair and listen to what your students have to say. You don't just see things as your way. You can see others' views, too. I think Mrs. Brackelsberg is an excellent teacher and I learned a lot. Great teacher with high level of interest in the course."

Phyllis Brackelsberg has provided significant service to her Department College and University. Major University committee assignments include: Faculty Senate (FS) FS Executive Committee; FS Secretary Chair of University Advising Committee; Vice President and President of Phi Kappa Phi; Committee to Review Academic Progress of Student Athletes and University Instructional Resource Committee. At the College level, she has served on the Honors International Curriculum Faculty Review Advisory Board and Advising Committees. In her Department she has been responsible for developing Transfer Credit Plans between the Textiles and Clothing Department and all of lowa's Community Colleges. She has served as advisor to several student groups, including the Textiles and Clothing Club, Phi Upsilon Omicron, and the Student Member Section of the Iowa Home Economics Association.

Her professional research spans the entire age spectrum, from babies to the elderly. She has studied form-fitting cloth diapers for babies and the pattern sizing standards needed for women over 55 years. She has also utilized Somatometry for pattern development and alterations for people of all ages. In addition, she is very skillful with the computer simulation of pattern alterations, due in part to her highly accomplished skills as a personal tailor for items ranging from children's play clothing to the finest of men's and women's business suits.

Phyllis Brackelsberg successfully blends the roles of wife, mother, parent, grandparent, advisor, teacher and researcher into the most satisfying career possible. "I wouldn't have changed a thing", when asked about her many responsibilities. "I've enjoyed them all,  and even received a salary for some of them", she says, with a twinkle in her eye as she glances towards her husband.

Phyllis passed away on October 1, 2010. She was loved by many.

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