Pilar A. Garcia

Honored by:Kathy Burk Hanson, Margaret Warren Manatt, and Robin Ann Orr
Brick location:B:14  map

Dr. Pilar A. Garcia has always brought great honor to her profession her family and her country. A brief record of her life and accomplishments is preserved in the Parks Library Archives of Women in Science and Engineering; this collection contains photographs and also documents written by to and about Dr. Garcia. But words often seem inadequate to portray emotion so we have found it difficult to describe our feelings about what Dr. Garcia has meant to our lives. As a mentor Dr. Garcia inspired us to strive for excellence and take pride in performance as she herself has always done. She helped us find ways to exceed our own expectations when confronted with difficult tasks. As a scientist she demonstrated the importance of taking one's work but not oneself seriously. And as a friend Dr. Garcia has shown us how to honor but not dwell in the past; live with grace and integrity in the present; and look forward toward the grand adventure of the future. Thank you Dr. Garcia.