Priscilla Ann Hansen

Honored by:Janet Krengel
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Priscilla Ann (Jacobsen) Hansen April 16 1932 -- A Woman of Wisdom! A Woman of Energy! A Woman of Compassion! Priscilla daughter of John & Katherine Jacobsen was raised in a Danish household in Elk Horn, Iowa. Her Danish heritage provided traditions and truisms that her children will forever honor. James father of twin sons Joshua and Samuel Kent and Janet mother of Benjamin and Jonathan still abide her wise words on a daily basis. Priscilla’s Truisms “People will always find something to criticize…don’t give it to them.” A favorite truism for Janet who believes that claiming responsibility for one’s actions is of far greater value than the opinion of others. “Have fun with less.” A favorite truism for those of us who so clearly remember our “at home” vacations filled with midnight card and board games while feasting on popcorn apples and cheese. What was the best part of your day? Mom’s invaluable focus on the importance of positive attitudes reinforced for us all her most famous adage “You must need a nap!” Whoever said that maturing was the process from “having to take a nap” to “craving one” certainly knew my Mom. “Remember to water it” may be a cliché in Horticulture but it also applies to our daily lives. Priscilla’s flower gardens display her nurturing skills in a grand style but they pale in comparison to the daily love and support she provides her children and grandsons.

“Mom We love you SO much!” Jim Kent & Janet And families- Karen, Joshua, Samuel, Stacey, John, Benjamin, Jonathan.