Rebecca Ann Freemyer

Honored by:Kristi K. Perry
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The dictionary describes a heroine as "a woman of bravery or courage." Becky Freemyer displayed such characteristics throughout her 34 years of life. Becky grew up in Prescott, Iowa. She was the middle daughter of Gene and Peggy Freemyer. Becky delighted in spending time with her sisters and friends. She had a contagious sense of humor and a sincerely tender heart.

Becky enrolled at Iowa State University in 1977. She majored in Elementary Education graduating in 1981, and as an ardent Cyclone fan! Many young people in Logan, Iowa, Newport, Beach California, and Gretna, Nebraska had the opportunity to learn and be touched by "Miss Freemyer". Becky encouraged her students to strive for their best and not be afraid to try.

A heroine is a woman of courage and bravery. Becky displayed this as she taught children who were said to be "discipline problems" "too time consuming" or "not capable learners". Becky listened to many friends and encouraged them not to give into fear but to keep trying. Becky stood her ground often in defense of the "underdog" whether in the workplace, home or community.

Becky did not fall to fear in her battle with breast cancer. She only resolved to explore every option and fight for the precious life God had given her. Becky lived believing three important aspects of life: * the secret of fulfillment is touching other lives--Becky always gave of herself * the secret of reality is being humble-- Becky was real no masks * the secret of happiness is perspective-- Becky did not allow fear or despair to remain for long. Life was too short; give your troubles to God.

Madame Curie said "Nothing is to be feared. It is only to be understood." Becky Freemyer believed this and her life was a portrait of a heroine.


Paver Inscription:

"Rebecca Ann Freemyer
ISU 1981"