Rebecca E. Burnett

Honored by:Christiana White, Kate Molitor, Susan Booker, Janet Renze, Paul Sisler, Carla Weiner and Lisa Harry
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Rebecca Emilynn Burnett is committed to excellence. Professionally in rhetoric, technical business, and professional communication, she is an enthusiastic scholar and researcher with numerous books, chapters, and articles to her credit. Her work on collaboration is distinguished by sound studies, reasoned interpretations, and proficient practice. Dr. Burnett’s contributions to the discipline extend beyond publication to dedicated service, not only as a consultant and practitioner, but also as a volunteer leader who takes on complex and demanding tasks and accomplishes them with grace and good humor.

As a faculty member, Dr. Burnett consistently maintains demanding standards for her students and colleagues. Her reputation for academic rigor, engaging instruction, and creativity in creating challenging assignments attracts the highest caliber students.

As a teacher, Dr. Burnett has demonstrated flexibility, understanding, and an availability that surpasses what is required or even what might be expected.
As an academic advisor, Dr. Burnett challenges, guides, and supports her students with caring and concern.

As a mentor, Dr. Burnett provides opportunities for interesting, independent, and collaborative enterprises and is consistently willing to share not only her knowledge and expertise, but also collegial and professional contacts.

As a friend, Rebecca is always giving of herself. Her thoughtfulness, sense of humor, warmth, generosity, and caring are truly remarkable.

We are honored that Rebecca E. Burnett is our teacher, advisor, mentor, and friend. We seek to live up to her personal and professional examples of excellence.

Christianna I. White, Paul J. S. Sisler, Susan L. Booker, Janet L. Renze, Kate Molitor, Carla Weiner, and Lisa Harry