Rita Lundt Frevert

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Rita K. L. Frevert, Ph.D., is an outstanding example of the competent, caring, committed woman who meets the challenges of life with enthusiasm and zeal. A native of Iowa, she received her B.S. degree from the University of Northern Iowa in 1964 and then was a teacher and guidance counselor in the Webster City Community Schools from 1964 to 1970. During this period she also completed post-graduate education at the University of Minnesota and the University of Northern Colorado and a M.S. degree at Iowa State University.

From 1970 to 1978, while raising a son Jeffrey and a daughter Wendy, she was an Iowa farm wife and a director of volunteer probation services for Iowa's 2nd Judicial District. She was an active volunteer in many arenas, including serving as secretary to the Iowa State University Alumni Association while serving on that board of directors and writing the history of Hamilton County, Iowa, while serving on the board of directors of the Hamilton County League of Women Voters.

In 1978, Dr. Frevert returned to Iowa State University and began a Ph.D. degree program in psychology. She worked both as a research assistant and instructor during her program, completing the Ph.D. in 1982. Her Ph.D. dissertation focused on the mental well-being of middle-aged women. This work was cited by the American Psychological Association Women in Psychology Division for its important contribution to the understanding of women's issues. Dr. Frevert was chief psychologist at the Northwest Iowa Mental Health Center in Spencer, Iowa, and an adjunct professor at Buena Vista College in Storm Lake, Iowa, from 1982 to 1984, and in private practice as well as a consultant at Cherokee Mental Health Institute and a part-time instructor at Iowa State University from 1984 to 1986.

Since 1986 she has been director of Mental Health Services and director of the Chemical Dependency Outpatient Treatment Center at Queen of Peace Hospital in New Prague, Minnesota, with a part-time independent practice in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

A fundamental theme of Dr. Frevert's career has been to help everyone she meets but particularly children and adolescents to grow and develop as competent and responsible individuals. Her early career in elementary teaching combined with an extraordinary ability to communicate with and understand children and young adults has not only enabled her to guide and motivate them to be competent and productive adults but has shaped her current career which focuses on child psychology teen stress/suicide, marriage and family relationships, and most recently certification as a mediator for family and other disputants. Her commitment to educate and assist others to enhanced living is evidenced by the more than one hundred articles she has authored and the workshops and seminars she has presented.

Dr. Frevert continues to strive to grow to learn even after 30 years of contributions and accomplishments. She has been and continues to be a role model for students her patients and her family and friends as the competent caring committed woman.


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"Rita Lundt Frevert PhD
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