Roberta North

Honored by:The Men of Theta Delta Chi
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Roberta "Bert" North is a valuable member of the Iowa State Community making a difference in the lives of the faculty staff and especially students. The men of Theta Delta Chi Fraternity want to thank our Housemother, Mom Bert, for all she does everyday to prepare us for our lives at Iowa State and beyond.

As our Housemother, since 1985, Bert has lived at Theta Delta Chi serving as a friend, confidant, counselor, chef, educator and most importantly a loving mom for her extended family of over 200 men. We want to thank Mom Bert for her tireless efforts to encourage us to be the best that we can be. We learned how to be Fraternity Men who value, respect and honor how to care for what we have and how to do things right (the second time if not the first time).

Bert is the one who makes sure that we leave Iowa State prepared for whatever we may face in the "real" world. We dedicate this brick to you Mom Bert as a token of our appreciation for the love you have shown for us. We thank you for all you have done for us, meant to us, and all you continue to do for the current generation of students.

Your contributions to Iowa State are not hard to measure; just take a look at the hundreds of Alumni you helped develop. We couldn't have done it without you. In the words of a couple of Mom Bert's men: "Mom Bert - Truly a mother... she cares, guides, teaches, disciplines, lets you fall down but immediately helps you up, shows you your options but lets you know her choice, tells you her expectations but listens to your requests, listens to your complaints but rarely burdens you with her troubles, and most important shows unconditional love!" "Mother to her own children, mother to her friends, mother to a legion of men who have passed through her doors. The definition of infinite love and patience."

Thank you Mom Bert. Your legacy lives in each of us in all that we do. In the Bonds The Men of Theta Delta Chi.

April 2002

Paver Inscription:

"Roberta North
'Mom Bert'
Forever in our the hearts of
Theta Delta Chi"