Rowena Wright

Honored by:The Department of Philosophy
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When Rowena Wright became secretary for the Department of Philosophy in June of 1972, she brought to our small community a near-perfect combination of skill, humor and sobriety. As spouse to an officer in the U.S. Army, she had traveled widely and had mastered the human art of relating well to all kinds of people. She was also a seasoned realist. The formative years of our department called for just such a person No crisis ever truly tested her ability to keep us clear-headed and resolute about our purpose as teachers and scholars. Moreover, Rowena Wright was heroically devoted to our students. She loved them, lived vicariously in them and was ever vigilant in being aware of and responding to their various needs. The culture of the academy can be and sometimes is slow in responding to the needs and aspirations of the world at large. Rowena Wright understood this well. Thus she brought to us a perspective on the outside world which greatly improved our mindfulness of the greater cultural context in which we work as professors. This required courage, sensibility and a determination to be heard. Rowena Wright retired in January of 1983. She remained close to us until the very end of her life. For her steadfastness, her loyalty, her integrity, and her dedication to our purpose, we honor her. 7/1/96

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Rowena Wright
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