Ruth Betts Menefee

Honored by:Her loving children: Bob Menefee, Jr., Mardi Menefee Jacobson, Marcia Menefee Purdy, Bill Menefee, and Marily Menefee Ford
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Then and Now...Things Were Simpler Then.

Then, we dialed four digits, ours was 2029, for a local number.
Now, we dial seven digits and have to remember so many numbers.

Then, when you had unexpected lunch guests you went to the freezer and quickly fed more. You are a great hostess.
Now, we just call and get another pizza, burgers, or a bucket of chicken.

Then, in the winter you hung clothes to dry in the dining room. We played hide and seek there. Now, we just put another load in the dryer. They don't smell the same.

Then, we rode to the field and picked fresh sweet corn and ate it for lunch.
Now, we don't do that much. It's easier to get it at the store.

Then, we converted the cream and eggs for the cash we needed for the week.
Now, we go to the cash machine as frequently as needed.

Then, we sought some of our entertainment in town on Wednesday and Saturday nights.
Now, we live in town, most of us at least, and still seek entertainment on Saturday nights, but any night we can do anything.

Then, we saw maybe one or two movies a year. Old Yeller, Ten Commandments and Ben Hur were greats.
Now, we see that many movies a week. Theater and videos are common. Home videos are great fun.

Then, we wrote letters or cards weekly to our loved ones.
Now, we call weekly. It's great to hear your voice.

Now, we worry for our children and do our best to prepare them for the future.
Then, you did the same thing. Now you still do the same thing. That will never change.

We love you Mom, Grandma, Mother, Ruth Irene Betts Menefee. We love you forever.

Your Son,
Bob, Bobby, Robert W. Menefee Jr.
Then and Now
(Wife-Marilyn Jean Wallace Menefee, Sons-Matthew Avery Menefee and Michael Walter Menefee)


I guess looking at my mom as a heroine brings a Mother's love for her family into a whole new spectrum. Yes, my mom was a constant in our home, always there after school to listen to us about our day, but my mom the heroine? My heroines were always Wonder Woman-types, showing super human skills and making daring rescues; however, it is a simple thing like a Mom's love and concern for her family that makes my Mom a heroine.

She said she loved us and she showed it. As a farmer's wife who mothered 5 children through 3 decades, she was a constant in my life. She coped with indoor chores, outdoor chores, gardening, canning, hail storms, snow storms, lean years, and dry wells. Her motto was "at least you have your health" AND she was so strong and so healthy.

I learned from her -- how to bake, how to remove wax from floors, how to love, how to go back to sleep after a bad dream, how to fix a meal with what you have on hand, how to rock-a-bye, how to sing, and how to calm a fussy baby.

So much of what I have become is from her and I can see it so clearly now that I am a Mom myself. I see this love come full circle as I value and cherish the love which I receive from her and which flows through me and into my own children. 8/19/96

Mardi Ruth Menefee Jacobson
Clark Jacobson (Husband)
Jill Annette Jacobson (Daughter)
Lucas Alan Jacobson (Son)


If you were to ask my mother if she were employed when she was raising her children, I know her answer would be no. But through my adult eyes I see the truth. We were a farm family concerned with buying land, there was never much extra but I didn't think much about it until I was older with a family of my own. So, instead of leaving her children to find employment, she used the resources available to her. She raised chickens and sold the eggs. Those chores were hers and I know that money bought us clothes that she sewed and money for special things. She grew a garden and spent hours freezing and canning for the winter. She could say she didn't have a job, but I know better. I think a lot of my attitude of "just do what you have to do" must come from her, because that is what she has been doing most of her life.

And so with great pride I honor my mother, Ruth Irene Betts Menefee, in the Plaza of Heroines because that is truly what she is to me.

Mother's Day 1996
Marcia Anne Menefee Purdy--Daughter
Randall Glen Purdy--Son-in-law
Jeremy Paul Purdy--Grandson


To My Mother - Ruth Irene Betts 

Heroine - a woman or girl hero
Heroism - the actions and qualities of a hero or heroine; bravery, mobility, etc.

These definitions sum my Mother up without question.
My Mom is the most loving, caring, and unselfish person on this planet.
She has always been there for us no matter what our age.
Ruth is most deserving of this honor.
It gives me great pride, joy, and honor to say I am her son.
Thanks for everything you've done, Mom.


Your Youngest Son, William Merle Menefee
Sherri Jacobson Menefee--Daughter-in-law
Corey William Menefee--Grandson
Mindy Jean Menefee-Granddaughter
Melissa Irene Menefee--Granddaughter
Mallory Anne Menefee--Granddaughter


My mother deserves to be in the Plaza of Heroines because she is a very loving and caring person. She is one of a kind, always lending a hand, bending over backwards for many people, and putting others ahead of herself.

My mom has been there for me as a listener, and advisor, but most of all as my friend.  I love you, MOM!!

Thanks for being there.

Marilyn Anne Menefee Ford--Daughter
Richard Dean Ford--Son-in-law
Jessica Anne Ford--Granddaughter
Megan Ruth Ford--Granddaughter
James Dean Ford--Grandson