Ruth H. Rothfus Fredregill

Honored by:D. Sue Davies
Brick location:C:11  map

Ruth Henrietta Rothfus Fredregill has devoted her life to her family; her husband J. Ivan Fredregill, children (three girls two boys), eighteen grandchildren and seventeen great grandchildren. She was born November 25, 1907 in Avon, Iowa and grew up on a farm near Des Moines.

When she married in 1933 she chose to be a homemaker giving up her job as a bookkeeper and manager. Raising her children she set high standards and emphasized the importance of continuing education regardless of gender. If friends or relatives stopped by there was and is always room for another place at the table which has been in Adel, Iowa since 1946. The church, schools, P.E.O., Sisterhood Women's Club and town all continue to receive her active support which often includes donations of her well-known baked goods.

Throughout the years she has placed her family and others first. Ruth is one of the true heroines who has made a significant difference in the lives of many. It is particularly fitting that she is among these honorees.