Ruth Ikenberry

Honored by:Richard Ikenberry
Brick location:B:28  map

In admiring tribute and honor of Ruth B. Ikenberry my beloved mother who never wavered in devoted support and encouragement during my years at Iowa State. It was in Old Botany Hall that I spent so much time pursuing my education all the while knowing that Mom was standing with me with pride whether at each turn I succeeded or failed. She along with Dad allowed me to choose the discipline and profession of my life and her sacrifice and inspiration are foundational to whatever achievements God has directed in my life. Truly Mom is God's wonderful and treasured gift to our entire family with her faithfulness and example poured out for all of us in abundance. No more precious Mother or wife has ever lived and no struggling university student has ever known a more gracious reassuring and comforting Mom. It is so very appropriate that she be honored at this place where her presence in my life meant more to me than can ever be written. From her loving grateful adoring son.