Ruth M. Hoeflin

Honored by:Marsha A. Goetting
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Vivacious, high energy, hardworking, witty a dynamo caring.

These are only a few of the many words that can be used to describe Dr. Ruth M. Hoeflin a woman who has been an inspiration and mentor to her students and others whose lives she has touched. As one of her EPDAs (1976) I want to honor Dr. Hoeflin for encouraging women to further their education. She provided me with an opportunity to become a part of the EPDA program. Completing a masters degree gave me self confidence that I could achieve other goals. She believed in me! And yes sometmes she "prodded" me towards achieving higher goals. I will always be grateful for having known Dr. Hoeflin. She says that after this many years as a professional myself I should call her Ruth but she's still Dr. Hoeflin to me.

Ruth M. Hoeflin was born in Fort Dodge Iowa. She graduated in 1940 with a B. S. from Iowa State College majoring in child development. She held a variety of positions in the child development profession before going to Kansas State College in 1957 as head of the family and child development department. In 1960 she became Associate Dean of the College of Home Economics. From 1969 through 1974 Dr. Hoeflin was also Director of the Education Professions Development Act Fellowship (EPDA) Program. During that period 52 women completed their Master's degrees after having college teaching experience at KSU and in community colleges. This was the only EPDA program in the U. S. with a perfect record of completion.

In 1975 Dr. Hoeflin was named as Dean of the College of Home Economics and Associate Director of the Agriculture Experiment Station at Kansas State University. At 65 she took mandatory retirement from the deanship but continued to work--half time as director of Fenix the adult undergraduate students' program for the KSU campus and half time in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies teaching and writing the history of home economics at KSU. She retired at age 70 in May of 1988. Dr. Hoeflin has been recognized in a variety of ways for her contributions to the profession.

In 1971 The Ohio State University honored with the Home Economics Alumni Award during their 75th--Diamond celebration. Iowa State University presented her with a Home Economics Centennial Award. KSU has established the Ruth Hoeflin Forum on Family Issues. The day care center was named the Ruth Hoeflin Stone House Child Care Center in recognition of all her work. Dr. Hoeflin has written several home economics textbooks as well as numerous articles published in professional journals.