Ruth Points

Honored by:Carolyn Cornette
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Beginning in 1945 and continuing through the 50's 60's up to 1970 Ruth McCullough Points was director of Christian Education at Collegiate Methodist Church (now named Collegiate United Methodist Church/Wesley Foundation). In that position she developed young leaders particularly women. She encouraged new ideas helped to instill self-confidence and provided special learning experiences.

Ruth did all she could possibly do to make her young future-leaders prepared successful and persons of strong faith. Ruth Points was born on November 29, 1904 in Missouri Valley, Harrison County, Iowa. She was trained as many girls of her time were to be a teacher. She graduated in Normal Training from high school after completing her practice Teaching in Honey Creek, Iowa. She taught in country schools for eleven years.

She married Ross Points and because of the depression years Ross gave up farming and the couple and their four year old daughter Rosalee moved to Ames. Ross found work with a lumber yard driving the truck and making lumber deliveries to the many new Ames homes being built. Ruth did housekeeping work for families in Ames and for the church they faithfully attended. Because Ruth and Ross now had a son Roger and because both parents wanted their children to have a Sunday School experience Ruth began teaching in the kindergarten Sunday School. She soon moved through the grades.

She went to many laboratory schools to observe other teachers and methods to make herself the best she could be. She prepared so well that she became the first Director of Christian Education for Collegiate Methodist Church/Wesley Foundation. In this capacity Ruth interacted with many young women and men parents of children who attended the classes she organized. She recognized that these young parents must be the teachers and leaders of the church and community and she trained them well.

At this writing January of 1995 Ruth has celebrated her 90th birthday and she and Ross have celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary. They continue to live in their home along the Skunk river just north of Ames. Ruth is still looking forward still thinking of new approaches to old problems. Ruth has moved through a changing world with enthusiasm faith and poise and has prepared many others to do so as well.

3/10/94 Ruth Points passed away quitely on November 9, 1996 and is buried at the Story memorial Gardens in Ames.