Ruth Sanderson Evans

Honored by:Mary Ann Evans
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Ruth Sanderson Evans June 14 1917 - February 18 1994

Ruth Sanderson Evans was a progressive woman who was ahead of her time. Ruth was one of four children born and raised in rural North Carolina. The day after she graduated from high school Ruth boarded a bus for Baltimore where she found employment working in a mental hospital thus beginning a working life that was essentially uninterrupted until she retired.

Ruth married in 1939 and subsequently had two children Norman and Billie Sherrill. She later adopted a third child Sallie. When the men in her family were drafted during World War II Ruth moved into a large house in Raleigh with her father sisters and their children. Because she was the family member who took care of everyone Ruth became the mother and father of not only her children but also those of her sisters. During that period Ruth supported herself and her family as a sales clerk and as the manager of a pharmacy. When she was able to set aside enough money she bought a small home of her own and moved into itwith her children. From this point on Ruth was the family bread winner.

She joined the North Carolina Employment Security Commission as a quality assurance administrator where she worked until she retired. I had the pleasure of knowing Ruth for the last thirty years of her life. She was kind, loving, open-minded, non-judgmental and fun-loving. She worked hard. She was the family member who everyone called when they were in trouble because they knew she would take care of whatever it was.

She was always there for all of us - her children, grandchildren, sisters and brother, nephews and nieces and even me her daughter-in-law. My children Sherrill and Eric and I enjoyed being in the circle of fortunate people who Ruth loved. Ruth was a progressive woman. I admired her for her inner strength and independence. For those reasons and many more I have chosen to honor her by purchasing a brick in her name for the Plaza of Heroines.

-Mary Ann Evans, February 14 1995