Sally A. Bryan

Honored by:Mary Ellen Volansky and Friends of Sally A. Bryan
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Reverend Sally A. Bryan: D.O.B. november 1 1952 in Maryville Missouri; childhood spent in Des Moines Iowa; fastest runner in her class through 9th grade until B.B. moved to town; graduated Theodore Roosevelt H.S. in 1971; enjoys synchronized swimming in good weather and yoga every day; graduated Iowa State University at Ames in 1975 with a major in child development; has a selective fetish for good chocolate; graduated Andover-Newton Theological School 1982; staff person for Physicians for Social Responsibility 1982-85; full time ministerial intern at Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Nashua New Hampshire 1985-86; promoting greater social awareness of the origin of the Nobel Peace Prize as it relates to the friendship of Alfred Nobel and Bertha von Suttner who was the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1905; full time minister at the U.U. Church of Eugene Oregon 1988-95; hikes in Oregon Wilderness areas; community at large minister 1995... The Rev. Sally Bryan speaks publicly as a pilgrim sharing the private light that draws her on a forever search for truth. Illuminating her journey in fellowship she supports human development of integrity in awareness in all the stages of life. As parents we especially appreciate the value she places on the formative journey of children on the path of awakening. ---Dean Walker and Carol Knobbe Sally led me into the Unitarian Church by a Solstice Sunday service. Thus through her I acquired a circle of prized friends and have grown spiritually by experiences in Leadership School and the Welcoming Congregation. Her strength of character under intense pressure has made her a powerful role model.---Dwight Taylor Rev. Sally Bryan was the spiritual leader for Hospice when I first met her. Her quiet dignified and open way was impressive. This was a true spiritual leader capable of the challenges presented to her.---Nan Smith ...her dedication to truth honesty and compassion; her commitment to liberty and justice; her fostering of all families and her celebration of our marriage.---Elizabeth and Paul Dubroff The birth of our son Nicholas brought to us the realization that we had a responsibility to bring into his life an appreciation and introduction to spirituality. We both believe very strongly in the interdependencies of our world - the web of life with each of the participants having equal value and importance. We came to the Unitarian Church in Eugene with a hope of finding a spiritual community that would embrace our philosophy and provide guidance for our family. Sally introduced us to the ideas of Unitarianism with kindness openness and thoughtful understanding for our need for a "church". Sally embraced our non-traditional family with encouragement asking if we had done a commitment ceremony and offering her assistance. Sally also stressed her commitment to a strong religious education program for the children of her congregation realizing that this was an important concern of ours. Sally welcomed us. We thank her for the beginning/re-awakening of our collective and individual search for spiritual growth and inspiration. ---Nancy R. Bell Marietta van Eekeren Nicholas van Eekeren (now age two and a half) Sally Bryan's heroism shines in her steadfast quiet commitment to causes of human rights her gifts of developing leaders especially by encouraging women and children and her public highlighting of women who have changed the world from Clara Barton to Bertha von Suttner. ---Monza Naff Sally Bryan is a quiet star in our community. She consistently represents liberal religious values in public forums on issues of social justice; supports many people and efforts behind the scenes in ways that change lives; and keeps her integrity dignity and grace in very trying circumstances.---Sharon Ellison We feel deep appreciation for Rev. Sally Bryan and her ministry of seven years at the Unitarian Church of Eugene and Lane County Oregon. When she first came to this Church its beautiful building was deteriorating its Religious Education (R.E.) was almost nonexistent and its congregation was demoralized and uninspired. Sally's efforts brought new life to the Church. Her positive leadership created a strong R.E. program. Her loving inspiration gentle influences and personal generosity brought about the beautiful restoration of the Church inside and out. And her dedication to diversity and her belief in the worth and dignity of every person caused all to recognize the Church as a safe and welcoming place for gay and lesbian people. The Congregation came to appreciate her inspirational messages which combined intellectual inquiry and spirituality. Attendance and income from pledges of financial support increased steadily during her ministry. Sally's personal and professional qualities earned our deep admiration and we cherish her as a lifelong friend. ---Chuck and Ida Hurt Rev. Sally A. Bryan Strength Courage and Int