Sara Duhrkopf

Honored by:Her many friends at ISU
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“Sara” Sally Duhrkopf
July 11, 1937 – May 28, 2015  

Sara Duhrkopf retired from Iowa State University in November 2003. She was with ISU Extension from October 1991 until her retirement. ISU Extension’s Value Added Ag Program evolved from Extension to business and industry. In 1991, there were three employees and at her retirement, there were fifteen staff persons. Until March 2002, she served as the single support person for this group. She maintained a highly developed sense of loyalty and commitment to the goals and objectives of the office and worked to ensure that the mission statement of the group was fulfilled and satisfied.

Prior to coming to Iowa, Sara was with Office of the President University of California where she served as administrative assistant to associate director of the budget. She worked with program assistants in budget analysis of capital projects, prepared reports for legislative review, and collated and assembled "working manuals" for review and instruction of president of the university director of the budget and other appropriate personnel as they prepared testimony before State of California legislators. She also served as administrative asistant with Office of Risk Management served as assistant to program manager for medical malpractice while she was in California. She worked with client claims against the university, including but not specific to the high-profile claims against the University of California/Irvine’s fertility clinic.

Before she joined the California Regents system, she worked with the Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley, CA, where she was an administrative assistant to president of school. She worked with students relative to coordination of academic programs within the consortium, tracked and coordinated academic calendars between the consortium schools, and managed the personal calendar schedule and meetings of president. During the course and scope of her service, Sara worked with the Lutheran Church in several capacities. She worked as administrative assistant in a local congregation, coordinating volunteers, serving as substitute playground monitor for the attached parochial school, editing the weekly newsletters, preparing bulletins and reports, and serving as scribe for the several committees engaged in the work of the congregation. Further, she worked at the headquarters for the Lutheran Church in America as secretary to the head of the church’s Press Radio and Television unit. This included working with the various aspects of production for the church’s DAVEY and GOLIATH, a children’s religious program, and preparing news releases for world-wide distribution. During this timeframe, she also worked in the Office of Scholarship and Exchange/Lutheran World Federation, where she interacted regularly with colleges and institutions of higher education on behalf of students from abroad who traveled under the scholarship of Lutheran World Federation to study in the United States. Sara graduated from Sumner High School, Sumner, Iowa, and received a BA in English/Psychology from Augsburg College in Minneapolis MN. -----------

In 2003, Sara Duhrkopf retired from her position working in Extension at Iowa State University. Though not actively working with us, she is actively in our minds: Here are some quotes from some of her friends and colleagues.

Things that come to mind are Sara’s friendship, loyalty, and years of service to Iowa State University and protecting and providing for my own personal being. A constant and loyal friend, mentor, mother, provider, concerned and caring person.

Mary Holz-Clause, Iowa State University Extension: The anchor of the 'Value-Added' group for all the years of its existence. I admire her tenacity and ability to keep chugging on no matter how hectic and crazy it became. Sara’s Christian character glowed most brightly when she saw a chance to help someone - to create a beautiful needlework to find that special book on tape or even to sit with a sick child.

Mary Swalla Holmes, formerly colleague with Iowa State University: I am remembering the so many wonderful and supportive things she did in her work. Her loyalty and commitment to the job made all of us feel better about what we might be working on.

Lois Hunt, Iowa State University Extension: I especially appreciated her sense of humor and consistently pleasant manner.

Lloyd Anderson, retired from Iowa State University Extension: I have cherished knowing her over these many years. I cherish our steady friendship.

Helen Randall, President HKR Communications Des Moines: Her candor and wit have been a delight. Sara is one-of-a-kind in the very best sense.

Daryl Strohbehn, Iowa State University Extension: Always thoughtful in arranging the details, plus the special packages of something extra to tide us over on our trips.