Sarah C. Menezes

Honored by:Frances Pope Granberry
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Sarah Menezes nee Corey, the third woman admitted to the Texas Bar after making the highest grade of all, taking the exam in 1915. She practiced law in Dallas, Texas, "hanging out her own shingle" after joining a law firm that only used her to run errands to the county court house. An active Republican in Democratic Texas of that period, Sarah was appointed to serve as assistant U.S. Attorney between 1925 and 1933 in the northern district of Texas. Sarah's father was an attorney in Fort Scott, Kansas, where she was born. She attended the University of Kansas. She was an early promoter of equal rights for women and minorities, joining her friend and contemporary Judge Sarah Hughes.

The latter received national notice when she administered the Oath of Office to Lyndon Johnson following the assassination of president John Kennedy in Dallas. In the 1950s, Sarah and her husband of many years, Major Harry E. Menezes, retired and moved to Irving where they were active in political, church and community affairs. She served three terms as president of St. Marks Episcopal Churchwomen, the last while nearing her 90th year. All ages sought and profited from her wise counsel--a loved and revered woman to the end.

NOTE: I did not know Sarah until she retired. It was at St. Marks Church where I became her friend. She served as my mentor while I was president of the churchwoman, also as an invaluable advisor during business reversals in my husband's company. The fact that my own father was an attorney could have strengthened our ties. She certainly called my attention to the importance of citizen participation in our party system, saying "if good people do not take part one can be sure the bad will." --


Paver Inscription:

"Sarah C. Menezes
Nee Corey 1886
Ft Scott, Kansas
D '77 Irving, TX
US Atty 1920s"