Sarah Melhus Hoyman

Honored by:Janet Hoyman Palmeter
Brick location:A:21  map

Sarah Melhus Hoyman was a devoted mother to 3 girls and wife of William Hoyman daughter of Elizabeth and Irving Melhus and sister to Janet Melhus Wallin. Both of our parents and Sarah's sister graduated from Iowa State College as it was then known. Sarah our mother was one of those rare individuals that put others before herself and was always there for support and encouragement. Her positive disposition attracted many friends and she was always involved in the community where ever she lived. She was a member of PEO and Gamma Phi Beta sorority and contributed to ours and others' lives selflessly in time effort and talent. She was a wonderful homemaker a seamstress who created dancing figure skating and ballet costumes and ran a small millinery business and a Guatemalan retail shop out of our home. She taught Distributive Education on the high school level and Child Development on the college level.

Sarah loved life and often wrote poetry in her later years. She was not only beautiful to look at but endowed us with her strong spiritual beauty as well. We feel fortunate to have had Sarah as our mother.

Karen Hoyman Butler, Janet Hoyman Palmeter, Ruth Hoyman Shreeve.