Sharon Craft Wirth

Honored by:Donald Wirth
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Sharon Craft Wirth is a native of La Porte City Iowa. She received her BS in Child Development from ISU in 1973 and MS in Child Development from ISU in 1980. Sharon married Donald Wirth in 1973. She has two children - Ross and Wendy.

Sharon has lived in Ames since 1972. In the spirit of Carrie Chapman Catt, Sharon has always been an activist. Her activism is exhibited in her day to day involvement in schools, neighborhoods and community. Her efforts extend beyond daily activities to an ability to visualize into the future the results of changes. Once a goal has been identified, she is able to work with diverse groups to build consensus to accomplish the goal.

Sharon has been a leader in the neighborhood association movement in Ames. She was a charter member of the board of directors that incorporated the Historic Old Town Neighborhood Association. She was instrumental in the implementation of an ordinance that allowed for the creation of historic preservation districts in the city of Ames. Through this work and others, she has become a recognized leader in historic preservation within the city of Ames and the state of Iowa. Sharon's ability to work with diverse groups to develop consensus has been recognized by the citizens of Ames. She is acknowledged as one of the community leaders. Twice she has been elected to the Ames City Council.

Finally and most personally, I chosen this means to honor Sharon because of the twenty-two years that we have been married. She has provided all the support to the community while raising two children and managing our household. Managing our household is more than cooking, cleaning and getting the children to and from activities on time. In our household, management means restoring a neglected ninety-year old house. This includes repairing plaster walls, refinishing woodwork and doing historic research.

The purchase of this brick is intended to be a lasting commemoration of our life together. It is also a statement of the hope and intention that our relationship will last as long as this brick and the plaza.