Sharon Walsh Jondle

Honored by:Bob Jondle
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Sharon Walsh Jondle (ISU grad ‘73)

I first met Sharon (Shari) when we were both ISU students. I fell in love with her on our first date on November 8, 1968. We went to see the stage production of "Fiddler on the Roof" at the ISU Armory. We were engaged on Valentine's Day 1969 and then married on August 16, 1969. Shari is a fun and creative person who is very open, full of thoughts and ideas.

She has excellent nurturing and relationship skills which have been very important both in our marriage and in raising our two children, Juliet (ISU grad '94) and Dan (ISU grad '96). Shari is the most important "Heroine" in my life.

Her husband Bob (Robert J. Jondle ISU grad '68 & '74)