Shashikala Sukhatme

Honored by:The Statistics Department
Brick location:PAVER:45  map

B. 1932

Shashikala Sukhatme was born in Karad, Maharashtra India and received a B.S. degree in physics, mathematics and statistics and the B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in statistics at the University of Poona. She completed a doctorate in statistics at Michigan State University in 1960 and was an instructor there for the summer. She returned to India to become a senior research fellow and then lecturer for six years in the Faculty of Mathematics at Delhi University. She joined the Department of Statistics at Iowa State as an assistant professor of statistics in 1967 when her husband Balkrishna V. Sukhatme came here. She became an associate professor of statistics in 1983. In her 28 years here, Shashikala Sukhatme was often the only woman faculty member in statistics and was a continuing role model as a teacher, devoted wife, and mother and grandmother. Following her husband's death, she completed his work on the third edition of Sampling Theory of Surveys with Applications by Pandurang V. Sukhatme, (the late) Balkrishna V. Sukhatme, S. Sukhatme, and C. Asok before returning to her own research.


Paver Inscription:

"Statistics Dept & Lab
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Donna Ruhl Brogan
Mary A. Clem
Gertrude Mary Cox
Vera David
Kathleen D. Shelley
Shashikala Sukhatme"