Sherron K. Roberts

Honored by:Douglas L. Hoppock
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On October 6, 1995, my gracious and remarkable wife, Elaine Tierce Hoppock, was inducted into the Carrie Chapman Catt Plaza of Heroines Honor Roll. It is profoundly appropriate that she be joined in this prestigious honor with her eldest daughter and friend, Sherron Killingsworth Roberts.

It is through her eyes that I have seen the countenance of Sherron's infinite grace. When her eyes fix upon an object of love, they soften to reveal her kindly heart and gentle nature. I have come to admire, respect and love without measure this beautiful woman throughout the years. I have been blessed to know her for the past eighteen years; the last eight as the eldest of my beloved stepdaughters. I have been the recipient of her boundless kind heart and generous spirit. I regard her as not only a loving and beautiful daughter, but as a trusted and very dear friend. All of her family has constantly been nurtured by this remarkable lady through her inexhaustible reserve of love and grace. To her parents, Elaine and Nolan, she has been a constant source of pride and happiness. Her many achievements professionally, personally, socially, and academically are a testament to her tenacious will and determination. But perhaps the greatest comment that can be made in reference to Sherron was her mother saying (to any and all who came within earshot) that "Sherron is as good as any person I have ever known. She is not only my sweet daughter, but she is a best friend." I know for my own part, she has been all of what her mother said of her. To her sisters, Lisa and Elizabeth, she has been a lifelong devoted mentor. Elaine often said with obvious love that for the first two years of Lisa and Elizabeth's lives that they were permanently attached to Sherron at the hip as she carried them around. She is the consummate "big sister" and she has healed her share of her sisters’ bruised knees, not to mention their sometimes bruised hearts. They are as close as any sisters could be and that fact more than any other has given her father, mother, and myself our greatest pride and immeasurable joy. To her soul-mate and husband, Robin, Sherron has shared a blissful marriage. As Forrest Gump would surely have observed: "Sherron and Robin go together like peas and carrots." The greatest compliment that I can proffer is that they have the kind of marriage that Elaine and I shared--one of mutual caring, love, friendship and regard. To her two beautiful daughters, Anna and Caroline, Sherron is "Mom." To see the love and trust that these two cherubs have in their eyes when they say "Mom" is more descriptive than any words I might find to articulate their feelings.

But Sherron's immense circle of loved ones doesn't end with the love of her family. She and her Mom have more dear and caring friends than anyone I have ever known. It has been said that the greatest testament to a person's goodness is the circle of devoted friends that they nurture in a lifetime. Sherron is loved by everyone who knows her. Sherron is all of what I have described: loving, kind, gentle, devoted, friendly, beautiful in spirit and body, caring, charming, brave, strong, good and full of grace. And it was during the past two years that I not only affirmed all of her qualities, but saw her utilize them all as her dear and courageous "Mom" fought ovarian cancer. I observed as they drew strength and faith from each other during this arduous and loving journey. Although Sherron, Robin, Anna, and Caroline lived in Ames, Iowa, far from our home in Longview, Texas, she was constantly with us. It is not that Sherron did anything differently than she had always done, she merely accelerated her efforts. She came home to visit as often as she could. The phone rang with calls from Sherron practically every day. Cards of encouragement and drawings by the grandkids over-flowed our refrigerator and mantel piece. But most of all we felt the infinite love and incessant prayers. Toward the end of Elaine's fight for life, all of the daughters came home to Texas. They all had the chance to say and do all of the things that needed to be said and done. For as long as I live, I shall never forget the image of Sherron, sitting in a chair next to Elaine's bed, holding her hands and watching over her with her loving eyes. Their countenance was obvious as they softened and glowed with love as she regarded her sweet mother. And through her eyes, with obvious soulful connection, she offered a peace and blessing that can only emanate from the heart and soul of a daughter. Sherron, may you always feel God's blessings just as we all have felt your love. I cherish and love you with all my heart.

Sherron Elaine Killingsworth Roberts, born on November 20, 1957 in Kilgore, Texas to Elaine Tierce Killingsworth and Nolan Fountain Killingsworth, Jr.
Married to Robin Roberts on March 13, 1982, Kilgore, Texas.
Daughter Anna Elise Roberts born November 5, 1987, Columbia, Missouri.
Daughter Caroline Mara Roberts, born February 27, 1989, Columbia, Missouri.

Submitted on 11/17/95