Shirley Smith

Honored by:Her children
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Shirley Smith graduated from Iowa State University in 1978 with a Bachelor's Degree in Home Economics Education. She then continued on to UNL where she received her Master's Degree and became a Registered Dietician in 1997. Shirley is a wife, mother of three and grandmother of two. Her oldest daughter Janelle is 30, Justine is 28 and Andrew is 25. Jarred is the oldest of her grandchildren at 13 and Hadley is 2 years old. Shirley dedicates her life to her family and has helped them to grow and excel. She is also a loving wife to Peter Smith for over 30 years.

Shirley is devoted to her job at Tabitha Healthcare Services in Lincoln, Nebraska, where she is in charge of the Dietetics Department, as well as Catering and Meals on Wheels. She also gives many hours to her church and community, volunteering and serving on committees. Shirley Smith is an example of an exemplary woman and is loved by everyone around her. Her family will always be grateful for the opportunities and love that she has given them, and for the amazing home-cooked meals that she is famous for!

To us, she is a hero. That is why we are dedicating this brick to honor her. We want her to know how much she is truly loved.

Dedicated by the children of Shirley Smith

Submitted 12/8/2014