Shon Elizabeth Thatcher

Honored by:Bruce D. Thatcher
Brick location:D:6  map

Shon Elizabeth Thatcher was conceived of love and born in Ames while her parents were students at Iowa State. She was carried around the campus while they attended classes and worked at Veishea activities and she spent many afternoons under watchful eyes of classmates at the Memorial Union. Her parents had glowing plans for Shon and made sure she had what they thought would help her be successful and happy -- good schools, music and dance lessons, church youth activities. She was and is gifted . . . and headstrong. Shon refused to walk the paths that others mapped for her and she set out on her own. Shon is a survivor. She's tough. And she's a sensitive, caring and loving daughter/parent/citizen. She's a hero to those who really know her and she's done it her way.

Submitted on 04/08/02