Stephanie J. Williams

Honored by:Michelle Williams
Brick location:K:29  map

My name is Michelle Williams and I am honoring my twin sister, Stephanie Williams.

I am graduating at the end of the fall semester with a bachelor's degree in event management, and I would have not been able to accomplish this very honorable goal without my twin sister, Stephanie, right by my side.

She has helped inspire me, guide me, and enabled me to perform well throughout every semester of college.

She deserves great recognition from me in order to know my appreciation. I am buying this brick for her so she can pass Catt Hall (a building we always walk by on our way to class) and see the brick and remember the amazing college experience we had together as well as motivate her to finish her last semester here at Iowa State.

Thank you, Stephanie, for everything that you are and for everything that you do.

Michelle Williams