Susan Cory

Honored by:Eleanor Dvorchak and Kristine Weis
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Ms. Cory has remained singularly focused with all her major life decisions and career supporting her goal of helping especially abused children and women from a disadvantaged background. Eleanor Dvorchak


 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ During my ten years on the YWCA of Muscatine board of directors I watched and learned from Susan Cory its Executive Director. Susan must love a challenge or I daresay there were times through the years when she could have easily given up. During this time the YWCA was faced with a building fire emergency joint occupancy with the Family YMCA and a joint fund drive for the exciting new building which both organizations still share. Facing whatever sidetracks were necessary Susan has always come back to the question of what do women and girls of Muscatine need in their YWCA. She has not been content to let the YW become a stale organization. She has sought to maintain relevant programming responsive to changing needs at the YWCA itself and has forged cooperative arrangements with other local organizations to collectively improve the lives of women and girls. Susan is smart. She is astute in analyzing problems and possible solutions. She enjoys the process of planning itself and is very aware of the learning that women can enjoy by participating in the process of decision-making. Susan has tried to balance the YW's commitment to women with what is politically socially and economically appropriate to a situation. She has successfully juggled tasks when her workload seemed impossible. I am personally richer for having worked with Susan and so many women and girls in Muscatine who many/may not know it have been affected positively by her presence in our community.

Kris Weis