Susan Dvorsky

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Sue Dvorsky is a friend, a mother, a wife, and an educator. She is a stellar example of a woman who has learned how to balance her family commitments and her career.

Sue is the kind of friend who is there for you when you need her. She is always willing to listen but she also knows how to offer support and advice when you need it. Sue is loyal, kind, giving and her sense of humor is a delight.

Sue is the wife of State Senator Bob Dvorsky. She is a loyal constituent and Bob's best campaign worker. Throughout Bob's political career Sue has been a loyal supporter and a good friend.

Two little girls in Coralville, Iowa call Sue mom. Annie and Caroline are Sue's daughters and two of her biggest fans. Both girls have been influenced by Sue's assertiveness and her strong will. Sue has been an excellent role model for her daughters.

As an educator Sue is one of the best. She has taught special education students in the Iowa City Schools for over 15 years. Her students have been severe and profound and trainable. She has taught at Mark Twain School Southeast Jr. High and Hoover Elementary. Currently Sue is an instructor at the University of Iowa in the Education Department. She is preparing future teachers for the classrooms of the 21st century.

Sue enjoys teaching and has been a leader in developing strategies for mainstreaming special education students. She understands the importance of helping all children reach their potential and she is committed to teaching other educators the best ways to do this.

Iowa women are strong and proud. They have a great deal of wisdom and understanding of people and their potential. They have ideas and knowledge that allow them to grow and to help others grow. They know the importance of family and they are not afraid to say that family comes first. They treasure their friends and cherish their children. They care about the quality of life in this state and are committed to making it better. Sue Dvorsky is an Iowa woman!

Sue is honored by Nancy Porter, Barb Papenthien, Peg Augspurger, Mary Mascher, Judy Lauer, Linette Adams, Cathy Kern, Barb Lee, Kathy Keifer, Ann Dvorsky, and Caroline Dvorsky.