Susan G. Williams

Honored by:Her family
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Some observations by her husband... In the 31 that we have been married, I have always found Susie to be loving, loyal and compassionate. She has been loving to me, to her children, to her friends, and to all who are in need. She has been as loyal as a wife could be -- attending all of my concerts and supporting me through the many good times and through those few bad times. She has shown that same support to our children as well. Susie is a most compassionate person. She never fails to send appropriate cards, notes, poems, flowers, balloons etc. to those who are having a difficult time. She is a true friend to many and is certainly my best friend. She is an excellent teacher and always goes out of her way to help her students in whatever ways are necessary. In all of our years together, I have never seen her act mean-spirited or self-centered. Susie is always thinking of others first and is always giving to those she loves. I have been blessed with a wonderful wife--a wife I am proud of and wife I love.

Some observations by her children... Our mom is the most loving, patient, and giving person in our lives. The older we get, the more we have learned to appreciate her gift of unconditional love and support. She not only gives to her family but to her friends and colleagues as well. She extends this love to our friends by always welcoming them into our home with open arms. She has trusted our judgment in who we hang out with (even when she knows they are not the best relationships to be in.) Although she set limits and boundaries, she always allowed us the freedom to explore our own interests. Mom always expected us to be the best that we could be while allowing us to decide where our energies should be focused. She has never told us what to do, only steered us in the right direction by her examples and subtle hints. She has not only supported us in our activities, she has volunteered her time and talents in Boy/Girl Scouts, PTA, booster club, youth group, fund-raising, hosting parties, and helping with last-minute projects and papers. We have both been approached by friends and classmates who have had Mom as a teacher and it makes us proud when they say how "fun and cool" she is. As a Special Education teacher at the junior high level, she has had the patience to teach and help students that others have given up on. She can always find the good in people and she often expects more from her students than they do from themselves.

Some observations from us all... Susan Greenidge Williams is the most loving, caring, loyal, patient, compassionate and giving person that we will ever know. She has taught us that it is OK to laugh at ourselves and to love life in good times and bad. Everyone who has been touched by her is a better person because of her presence in their lives. Thank you for your constant presence in our lives. We love you very much!

Dennis Williams
Murray Williams
Heather Williams Kaufman
Jeff Kaufman