Susan Hillyard Long

Honored by:Her family: Jerry, Allie, Levi and Clayton Long
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Susan Hillyard was born in Winfield Iowa on April 19th 1960. Growing up there she soon found herself graduating and moving on to Northeast Missouri State University to excel in a veterinary medical technician degree. She married Jerry Long on August 8th 1981 and moved to Ames Iowa to work at the veterinary clinic and start a family. Susan, Jerry and their three children, Allie, Levi and Clayton Long, moved to the country outside of Gilbert, Iowa, where they still live today. 

All three children attended Iowa State University to earn a bachelor’s in varying degrees. Allie is an elementary teacher and an excellent mother to the first grandchild, Brij Isaac Amin. Levi is studying to be a Pharmacist, and Clayton is working toward his medical degree. It is from these three children and their father that Susan’s nomination for the Plaza of Heroines at Iowa State University was placed.

Susan Hillyard Long is the kindest, most thoughtful person we know. She has taught us the difference between right and wrong, showed us the value of compassion, and taught us how to be considerate and passionate adults. When people have a problem, they ask our mother for the answer. She has affected and impacted more people then she can ever imagine. As her children, we have attempted to emulate her to the best of our ability. Every time we help a stranger, listen to a friend, or compliment a loved one, it is because of her. The smallest act of gratitude we can do is to share her story with anyone walking by the Plaza of Heroines in hopes that they too can learn from her compassion and thoughtfulness. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!