Susan M. Brearley

Honored by:Mary Jo Brearley
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A first impression of Susan Marguerite Teasdale Brearley is likely to be that she is simply a beautiful and intelligent young woman. She dances gracefully, both ballroom and traditional (folk) dancing, sings well in her church choir, loves good books, and is a joy to be around. However, there is even more to her than that. She married the first time when she was quite young and when the marriage ended was left with an infant son to raise. She did an excellent job of this and her son Sean Teasdale is now a healthy, attractive, college student.

After graduating from a Pennsylvania community college and taking some additional course work at Pace University in New York state, Brearley has had a remarkable and impressive career. She started working for IBM as a secretary and taking advantage of educational opportunities within the company, became knowledgeable about computers and computer systems. She soon rose to professional positions in the company and currently is a Consultant Relations Representative. In 1991 she and William Harrington Brearley married and they are looking forward to the birth of a son in March 1995. With the strength and courage she has already shown she plans to cooperate with William in bringing up their child while they both continue in their careers. (His is in engineering.) Surely she will also continue being a joy to be around.

By Mary Jo Brearley
March 14, 1995