Susan Ross

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Susan is one of the third generation of Tucker-Ross women honored here. She is the daughter of Roberta Tucker Ross and granddaughter of Henrietta Ross and Lelia Tucker. She chose to pursue the family tradition of education and the resulting careers as an alternative to marriage and family.

Susan began her life carrying the names of both sides of her family before the feminist movement made popular. It was as if she was meant to be the family feminist and work for the equality of all. She was always seen as being a little different from her siblings because of her independent thinking and strong feelings about subjects of importance to her.

Susan graduated from Iowa State University in 1968 with a degree in Home Economics - Foods and Nutrition. Her decision to attend was based partly on her mother's description of the campus and enthusiasm for its beauty. She completed her dietetic internship at the University of Chicago Hospitals and relocated to the greater Chicago area. Her professional interests have taken many turns as she has indulged her curiosity and passion for learning. She obtained a Masters of Social Work Degree from George Williams College and a Doctorate of Education from Northern Illinois University. Her careers have included dietitian, cooperative extension home economist, social worker, college professor, adult educator, training and organizational development consultant, career coach, and small business owner.

Susan has balanced her work with serving others in community volunteer work and church activities. She takes pride in having many call her a friend and in creating her own extended family from those friendships. She gladly carries the title of the "bleeding heart liberal" of her family of origin and she nudges that family into activities that bind them together regardless of geographical distances.

Susan rejoices in using the freedom that her independent lifestyle and "Spinster" status give her to pay attention to and love all children with whom she comes in contact and to treat adults with the respect and validation they deserve. She is recognized by her laughter and willingness to engage all aspects of life.

Submitted on  4/19/95

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"Lelia Tucker
Henrietta Ross
Roberta T. Ross
Paula R. Berg
Susan T. Ross"

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