Thalia Hallman

Honored by:Fred Hallman
Brick location:E:15  map

Born: October 30, 1915

As a young girl Thalia went to the office with her father a railroad telegrapher and hung around the station house. There the trainmen nicknamed her "Pete" because she wore overalls for "work" clothes. This first positive experience presaged her later life. She worked as a young single woman and continued working after marrying Alfred Lee (Fred) Hallman . . . even as her children came along. Before anyone ever thought of coining the word "supermom" when working mothers were not the norm or even fashionable she balanced the needs of her family and her career remaining a loving caring woman and providing a positive role-model for her two children three grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Pete always finds time to share herself with others and her wit intelligence and humor have gained her many friends throughout the years.

She devotedly tended her mother during the fifteen years Mamaw spent in a nursing home before passing on. She always looks for the good in everyone and her greatest legacy to her family and to thosewho know her is unselfish love.