Tilden House

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As members of Tilden House 1999-2000, we have decided to make the contribution to Catt Hall in the form of a brick not only for our own memories of our year together but also on behalf of our namesake, Winifred Tilden. As our house comes down over the following years with the continuing construction of the ISU Campus, we wanted to find an appropriate place where the Tilden name could live on and we thought that there would be no place more appropriate than in the Plaza of Heroines. By designating this brick with the Tilden name, we felt that our goals would be accomplished while also conveying how important this last year has been for us, the members of Tilden House.

Alyssa Arthur-RA
Terra Case-President
Deborah Witt-Vice President
Samantha Hammen-Secretary
Jonna Jahnke-Treasurer
Valerie Washington-Academic Chair
Elizabeth Rose and Jennifer Agee-WISE Representatives
Cristy Rojas-Conduct Chair
Brittany Jacobson-Intramural Chair
Meghan Kearney and Rebecca Bujarski-Social Chairs
Kay Cee Boros
Sarah Daggett
Kathleen Bartlett
Jolene Buttjer
Allison Levay
Laura Barclay
Marcie Miller
Megan Hefner
Heather Baker
Kimberly Knuth
Eun-Jung Kim
Jennifer Ray
Brooke Crowley
Emily Flanagan
Fama Lo
Marcia Bergstrand
Katherine Strachan
Jennifer Hart
Elizabeth Burnham
Corinne Nacin
Melanie Smith
Keva Morris
Chun-Yi Lin
Sarah Curran
Mindy Anderson
Johanna Russell
Sarah Allard
Joanna Glover
Amy Dreyer
Lisa Stalzer
Samantha Mather
Kari Reiser
Jaime Frederickson
Jill Hennes
Christine Chaput
Joslyn Denman
Tina Stockwell
Laura Fuller
Jessica Kurriger
Jill Determan
Michelle McMurray
Jessica Kleen
Jodi Britt
Jennifer Walters
Melody Bank
Kristi Pederson

Submitted on April 2000