Tina Marie Chaldy Gerber

Honored by:Dorothy Gerber
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My family came to Ames Iowa during the summer of 1970 between my eighth and ninth grade years in school. I attended Welch Jr. High for one year just long enough to meet several life-long friends before entering Ames Sr. High School. At AHS I was active in drama and band and marginally active in the Environmental Club Student Council and Young Democrats. I consider my years at AHS an excellent extension to my education. After graduating high school I attended ISU for four quarters. English was my best subject and became my major. My freshman English instructor encouraged me to write and helped promote my self confidence in this area. Though I have not published anything as yet I still draw on those skills in my profession today. College was difficult for me at that time of my life so I made the decision to postpone my education.

I married my old friend from high school James Gerber on 25 March 1978. Jim worked in construction as a brick mason tenderer while I worked in the credit department of JC Penney at the North Grand Mall. Construction is a difficult business to be in during Iowa winters so we left for warmer weather in January of 1980.

The 80's found us expanding our family in Bakersfield, California. We were blessed with three healthy beautiful children--Heather Inga was born 16 May 1982; Justin Joseph on 10 June 1985; and Amy Lane on 25 June 1987. My daughters' middle names were chosen from my family tree to preserve my heritage. My life was filled with providing the best possible beginning for our children by putting my career aside and staying home with them.

I had always worked until I began my family. It was difficult for me to adjust to the role of homemaker and we really missed the second income. When Justin was born I went to work for JC Penney again on an evening/week-end schedule. This offered Jim an opportunity to appreciate fully the role of father and me a chance to talk to adult people. But my thoughts always turned to school. My sister moved to Bakersfield in the summer of 1989 and I seized on the acquisition of a "built-in baby-sitter."

I went to work as a three-hour instructional aide with the Bakersfield City School District. After working several substitute positions I found myself opening a Computer Assisted Instructional Lab. This opened many doors for me including a definite career goal. I entered Bakersfield College with the intention of obtaining a teaching credential with emphasis in computer instruction. I have since reclassified as a clerk at a middle school with in the same capacity of the CAI Lab in a full time position.

My children either now attend the school I work at or will as they progress in their education. It is close to the elementary school my younger ones attend so I am able to be somewhat involved in their school as well. Education has definitely become my career.

I am active on the District Technology Planning Committee and with my school's technological administrative team. I have served on the children's elementary school's site council which oversees state funding to our site. This afforded me the opportunity to learn about grant writing as I served on a committee to write for funding to support our technology plan. I am also active on both schools' PTA'S having served as secretary second vice-president and president. I am still pursuing my teaching credential and showing my children that education is always ongoing.