Tracey Lynn Johnson

Honored by:Richard Johnson
Brick location:B:27  map

Classes of 91, 93, 96, Ankeny, Iowa

Born: December 19,1968 Tracey Lynn Johnson is a young woman working toward her doctorate in school psychology at Iowa State University. As a school psychologist she has had a significant impact on the lives of the children and parents she has counseled. My reasons for honoring her though go much deeper than her individual successes as a school psychologist scholar and alumnus of Iowa State ...

Tracey is a heroine in my eyes because she has continued the advance of women's equality by living her life according to her dreams and ambitions. In spite of the cultural and familiar suggestions to accept less than her potential she has shrugged aside such pressures and stayed focused on her goals. A daughter from a traditional farm family she has endured in spite of the mixed messages our society sends to women who strive for higher education. Her great works in psychology are still ahead of her but for now she faces her preliminary examination the pinnacle challenge for anydoctoral student. As I watch her daily preparation for the examination I feel nothing but respect for her efforts. Whereas some women honored in this plaza have made larger sacrifices women like Tracey are the persevering mediums who advance and maintain the changes that others began.