Valeria Forte

Honored by:Allan A. Saxe
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Ms. Forte is a native of Italy but now resides in the United States in Arlington, Texas. She has engaged in numerous humane society projects all throughout the United States with her friend Allan Saxe. She has helped to create humane society shelters and facilities in various cities. On a personal basis she has adopted a variety of animals into her home and cared for them. She is a quiet unassuming person who has cared for animals all of her life, both in Italy and in the United States.

Valeria Forte is now a Professor of Italian languages at the University of Dallas. She has been honored by speaking at many academic seminars on Italian languages and history. She has also mentored many students and is a great symbol for young women wishing to pursue an academic career.

Submitted 2/23/2001; updated 12/3/2013

Paver Inscription:

"Valeria Forte
A Defender of Animals
By Allan Saxe"