Velma (Brezo) Ahnen

Honored by:Wm. Dean and Mardell Ahnen, Wm. Mark and Christi Ahnen, and Robin Ahnen-Cacciatore and John Cacciatore
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Velma (Brezo) Ahnen was born in rural southwest Iowa on December 5, 1914. Her parents, Czechoslovakian immigrants, farmed and raised their seven children.

Like most children her age, Velma attended school and often got there by wagon or sleigh, depending upon the weather. However, Velma was set apart from other young women of the 1930s. After graduation from high school in 1932, Velma traveled the one hundred or so miles to Ames, Iowa and attended Iowa State College. She graduated in 1936, and then taught in a one room schoolhouse until her marriage to William Ahnen on August 12, 1936.

Velma Ahnen helped her husband Bill with their farm, raised five children, and taught until 1976. She continued to substitute teach until 1990. Velma’s activities in the school district, her church, community, and caring for her husband, children, and grandchildren have kept her very busy through the years, yet she has done it all with grace and courage. Velma continues to inspire those who know her with her energy and spirit.

Velma (Brezo) Ahnen is our mother, grandmother, and hero. Velma is a true heroine demonstrated by her achievements, her support of our triumphs and tribulations, her strength and dignity, and above all, her unconditional love. We love her with all our hearts and want the world to know of Velma (Brezo) Ahnen; an extraordinary person we cherish and admire. 7/1/96