Velma Briggs Minot

Honored by:Constance Lindquist
Brick location:PAVER:47  map

Born in Mars Hill, Maine on December 13, 1898 Married in Belgrade, Maine on September 8, 1926 Died in Belgrade, Maine on February 5, 1981 She was the great-granddaughter of Abiel Briggs of Freetown, Massachusetts who enlisted in George Washington's Army at the start of the Revolution. Constance Minot Wood Lindquist daughter born in Augusta, Maine, on May 17, 1929.

Paver Inscription:

"Velma Briggs Minot
Beloved Mother, Grandmother,
Helpmate, Teacher, Churchman

Heroines Whom She Nurtured
Frances Minot Skank
Marion Elizabeth Minot
Constance Minot Wood Lindquist
Deborah Wood Burns
Marcia Wood Salter"