Vera Danielson

Honored by:Donna Danielson
Brick location:C:12  map

My mother, Vera Danielson, would be - to use one of her favorite expressions - "flabbergasted" at the thought of having her name inscribed among those of the notable women in the Plaza of Heroines. She was unassuming and self-effacing but her strength of character, compassion and capabilities were evident and admired. She was proud and a little in awe of the academic and professional achievements she (and my father) made possible for their only child. I wholeheartedly appreciate the excellence of my Iowa State University College of Home Economics curriculum and instruction, but I still consider our own home to have been the most influential and important "laboratory" in my education. The last years of my mother's life were burdened by ill health and the necessity to reside at a care facility rather than the home she loved so much. One day a nurse, noticing some newly-arrived gifts in my mother's room, jokingly asked her "How do you rate all these?" My mother responded "I have a rich daughter!" Although that quick retort was said in jest, how profound it was! I am indeed "rich" as a result of the gifts of support standards and love she gave me.