Viola Schutz Wilson

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Our family would like to honor in the Plaza of Heroines Viola Jean Schutz Wilson, our mother, grandmother and mother-in law. We do not remember many important committees she has served or awards she has received. She is a heroine because she makes things beautiful wherever she goes. She is herself a beautiful person inside and out. Always we hear "What a pretty lady she is!" Her faith in God gives her inner beauty and serenity. In quiet ways, she encourages those around her to believe and trust in Him. He gave her the talent to make things comfortable and beautiful for those around her. She took a few remnants of furniture and mementos from aging Aunt Ole's home and made her sterile nursing home room look like a safe and welcoming haven. Among all the bargains at TJ Max, she can spot the blouse that will make you look and feel great. She can make a picnic at the lake cabin a sumptuous feast with seemingly no effort. Her talents and skills were honed by many people and situations, no doubt, but she holds her time at Iowa State most dear. She came to ISU from Rock Valley, Iowa; stayed for two years as a dietetics major and a member of Pi Beta Phi Sorority (as was Carrie Chapman Catt); and then left to marry a new ISU graduate, Robert C. Wilson, before he headed off to World War II. She and Dad continue to return to Iowa State, meeting friends, sharing memories and contributing financially to a variety of Iowa State campaigns. Viola Jean Schutz Wilson's contributions to Iowa State and to the people around her should be noted among these women on this plaza. They have shaped our lives in beautiful ways.

Bill (Ag Business 1965) and Marry Kay Vogel (Art Education 1968)
Gretchen (Biochemistry 1994), Suzanne, Andy, Daniel and Elizabeth 7/1/96