Violet Schmidt Turner

Honored by:Nora T. Andresen
Brick location:C:29  map

Violet Schmidt Turner
H. Ec. Ed. 1931

This brick is to honor not only my mother but also the excellent education members of our family have received at Iowa State.

Mother was and is from Scott County Iowa. She was nurtured by the Home Economist Extension Program through the 4-H Organization. Her aspiration was to be a Home Economist from Iowa State and her treasured pictures include 4-H Short Course groups on the steps of "Old Ag" (Carrie Chapman Catt Building) at Ames. The only student in her eighth grade class to go to High School she was married before she graduated from Iowa State - her example was that women are not limited. She underscored that education was important and expected - and the college of choice was Iowa State.

Submitted on 5/3/95