Virginia Brayer Howell

Honored by:Katherine Howell Weingart
Brick location:F:29  map

It is appropriate that my mother be a part of the Plaza of Heroines for Carrie Chapman Catt Hall. Iowa State has been a very important part of her life. Virginia Brayer Howell came on the train from Kellogg, Idaho, to major in dietetics in the fall of 1930. She had never been beyond the Pacific Northwest, but a high school home ec teacher had recommended Iowa State to her. She received her B.S. in 1935 and is still in Ames, having married fellow student Herbert B. Howell, who was a member of the agricultural economics department.

While an ISC student, my mother was very active in many campus activities. I have always been very impressed with the number of times her picture (even full-page photos!) appears in the yearbooks from her college years. As an alum, Mom served as a member of the Home Ec Advisory Council for many years. Among her other activities was her longtime involvement in the League of Women Voters, serving as an officer on the state and local levels. The links with Iowa State and the League of Women Voters make this opportunity to honor her in this way a great pleasure for me, her daughter.