Virginia Secor Clark

Honored by:Raymond Clark
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Virginia’s parents were Perry and Anna Secor of Melbourne and Fort Dodge Iowa (both deceased). She has a sister and four brothers, is Mother of a son and a daughter and grandmother of two grandsons.

She graduated from Iowa State Teachers College in 1942 with a two year Certificate. Graduated from ISTC in 1948 with a BA Degree in Elementary Education. Graduated from Drake University with a MS Degree in 1969. Taught elementary school in Aplington Northwood Des Moines Waterloo and Dallas Center for a total of 34 years of teaching.

During one period of time she was teaching school, studying for a MS degree, being a wife, mother, homemaker, and chauffeur for two pre-teen age-children from our home in the country to their before and after school activities. At this time her husband was working an 80 hour week as a YMCA Secretary and wasn't home much to help.

Sheas a leader of a girls' 4-H Club for 27 years and has been in charge of or worked in the exhibit building at the County 4-H Fair for a number of years. She served as a library trustee for nine years and was secretary of that board part of the time. She is active in the Friends of the Library and helps on their various projects.

She served with her husband as a Co-chair of a campaign to move the the library from a back room at City Hall into a recently vacated church which involved heading up a finance campaign and promoting a bond issue. Served on an advisory committee to choose a new school superintendent. Has been active in the passage of bond issues for our public school and is currently involved in one of these efforts. She is currently tutoring a junior high age student and being a mentor for an elementary student. Has been a Terrace Hill (Governor's Mansion) Tour Guide and a member of the Terrace Hill Society for 18 years, and is still active.

Has taught church school in her church in Waterloo and Des Moines various times served on a number of church committees and is active in the Women's Fellowship. She is a Master Gardener and is currently involved in projects that include a demonstration garden at our County Fairgrounds and being a resource person with the weekly "Hort" line in our county. She helped organize and is active in the local garden club and served as its president for the first three years. As a garden club member she helps in the planning planting and care of a flower garden in a small park in the business district of our city. With the help of the 4-H Club she established a Butterfly Garden in the City Park.

She is a member of the City Park Board and is serving as the secretary. Currently delivers "Meals on Wheels" to Senior Citizens in our area, completing the first year of a two year term as president of the Woman's Club, along with her husband she was named Co-Citizen of the Year of our city in 1990.

Judging by the reactions of former pupils and former 4-H members that we meet I am sure that she has had a beneficial effect on their lives. She is a very caring person a very hard worker and a joy to be around.

Raymond C. Clark Husband