Virlayne Elizabeth Terry

Honored by:The Terry family
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Virlayne Elizabeth Cameron Terry was born near Casey, Iowa, on February 13, 1921. She completed training at the Iowa School of Beauty and greatly enjoyed her time as a beautician. Virlayne lived in Iowa her entire life, except for a short time during World War II, when she lived on Long Island, New York while her then-new husband, Charles Dixon Terry, served in the U.S. Navy. Most of her adult life, however, was spent farming with her husband near Radcliffe, Iowa, and raising four children.

Virlayne is a role model of service in the community and church. She has a strong work ethic as demonstrated in working alongside her husband on the dairy and grain farm. She was very active in her political party, compaigning for candidates and attending caucuses. By far her most outstanding achievement is being a remarkable parent. She is extremely dedicated to her children and grandchildren, supporting them in their activities, teaching them to be good citizens, and encouraging them to pursue higher education.

Virlayne and her husband were excellent dairy farmers and for several years sold their Grade A milk to Iowa State University. It was always a treat at Christmas time for the family to travel to the campus and buy delicious cheeses for relatives for Christmas gifts. She had several other connections to ISU as she watched children and grandchildren attend the university. Her son, Dixon Cameron Terry, was the first of her four children to attend ISU, followed by her third child, Betty Terry Boccella. Several years later, granddaugther, Willow Terry, and grandson Christopher Cameron Williby graduated from ISU; and granddaughter, Jennifer Boccella, will graduate in Spring 2011.

Virlayne's family is delighted to present a brick to the Plaza of Heroines in honor of her 90th birthday to celebrate her many contributions as wife, parent, grandparent, and citizen. She is a remarkable woman and an inspiration to all who know her.