Wendy Eckhoff Hornback

Honored by:Jan Breitman
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Wendy Eckhoff Hornback was born in St. Paul, Minn., July 17, 1968. She graduated from Ames High School in 1986, Iowa State University in 1990 with a BS in marketing, and from the University of St. Thomas in 1998 with an MBA in international marketing. She married L. Russell Hornback, ISU ’90, in Nov. 1993, and they are the parents of two daughters, Taylor and Britta.

After graduation from Iowa State, Wendy began her career with Target in Minneapolis, Minn., where she has held many key positions throughout her career.

Remember the song “Windy”? I bought the record for Wendy when she was a preschooler, not only because the title sounded like “Wendy” and she thought the song was written for her, but because the lyrics closely characterized her even then. Especially significant are the lines:

Who's tripping down the streets of the city
Smilin' at everybody she sees
Who's reachin' out to capture a moment
Everyone knows it's Windy

Through her personal endurance, determination, and hard work, and through her love and support to friends and family, Wendy is well on the road to capturing her moments. Her love and support through difficult times paved the way for the joys and accomplishments we’ve shared as mother and daughter.

This brick was in honor of Wendy’s 27th birthday from her mother, Jan Breitman, who is fortunate to have a wonderful daughter and friend.

Submitted 7/1/96; updated 12/10/13