Wilma Talbott Olds

Honored by:Randall Looper
Brick location:B:20  map

Wilma spent her entire life in and around Grinnell, Iowa. She was born in 1897 the daughter of Grinnell's only doctor. She grew up a city girl but married Eldon Olds and moved onto the Olds family farm in 1920. She raised three children but tragically lost her two oldest boys to an auto accident when they were 14 and 10. They lost the family farm in the depression and moved back into Grinnell where Wilma and Eldon started the Grinnell Feed and Grain. Wilma (my grandma) was a very kind loving strong individual. She instilled strong Iowamorals and values into my mother and at the same time gave her the freedom to test and develop her own individualism. Wilma was a survivor who succeeded in being the rock of her family.