Wineva S. Pederson

Honored by:Sally Pederson
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Winifred Wineva Spickard was born October 15, 1925 in Walnut, Kansas. In 1930 she returned with her family to Missouri where they lived and farmed near the town of Spickard named for her great great grandfather. "Winnie" married Gerald Donovan Pederson July 1948 and changed her name to Wineva Spickard Pederson. She and her husband moved to Vinton, Iowa in 1955 and there raised five children. One son two daughters two daughters-in-law and one granddaughter attended Iowa State University. Learning has been a life-long commitment for Wineva.

As a high school graduate she taught in a one-room country schoolhouse. As a mother, she encouraged her children to do their best and provided the support required to help them succeed or to learn from failure. As an adult she learned to swim, ride a bike, cross-country ski and at age 70 to use a computer.

Wineva has been a volunteer in her community and church and in local and state politics. Wineva has never been afraid of hard work or the challenge of something new. She truly believes that "mistakes are just opportunities for learning".