Zola M. Obe

Honored by:ADP Center
Brick location:A:21  map

ADP Center is honoring Zola Obe for 46 years of valuable service. At the time she retired Zola had worked for Iowa State University longer than any other Professional and Scientific person. Zola worked for the same department the entire time she worked for the University but when she started working for the ADP Center its name was the IBM Service Unit. Iowa State University was called Iowa State College. Her positions were: 1952-60 Key Punch Operator 1960-73 Key Punch Supervisor 1973-92 Key Punch Manager (Manager Key Entry) 1973-93 Systems Analyst I.

Zola graduated from Jewell High School. Zola and her husband Don were married in 1953. They moved to their present home in 1955 a farm by Jewell, Iowa that had originally been owned by her parents Oscar and Ivyl Cabelka Peterson. Zola and Don have a daughter Paula. Paula and her husband Randall Carroll have a son Brian Joseph born January 5, 1998.